Eliminating Fleas & Ticks

The bane of every pet owner is fleas and tick. When prevalent on your property, they can make life miserable for animals and be almost impossible to eliminate without professional assistance. What makes these bugs harder to deal with than most other pests is the fact that they can live and travel in wide-open areas. Unlike most insects, they do not reside exclusively in the nooks and crannies of a house. Anywhere inside or outside the home is fair game. In addition to this, they have been known to be carriers of diseases such as lyme disease, rocky mountain spotted fever, and babesiosis; the last of which can be potentially fatal. Preventative measures taken in the spring and mid-summer can make a big difference in controlling both fleas and ticks.

On the part of the homeowner, lawn maintenance combined with monthly flea and tick treatments for pets can be very effective. If, however, there is proof of activity, professional help will be needed. Sexton Pest Control provides services specifically designed to deal with these pests, using the top rated products in the industry. When it comes to flea and ticks, it’s best to be proactive. Call Sexton before things get out of hand.