Arizona Bark Scorpions

Arizona Bark Scorpions

Dealing with Scorpions

Scorpion control Phoenix is essential. If you live in Arizona, then chances are you’ve had an encounter of have heard of encounters with the bark scorpion. They sting thousands of people annually and are considered one of the most serious pests in the state. They’re usually not lethal, but that does not mean that you should not reach out and get Sexton Pest Control to sweep in and get them out of your home area. It takes consistent and high-quality pest management to make sure they don’t become a problem and Sexton knows exactly how to make sure you never have to worry about them again.


The bark scorpion is probably the single most feared bug in Arizona. They are the most venomous scorpion in the U.S. and sting thousands of people each year, and although death is extremely rare (only 2 people within the last 40 years), their sting is severely painful and can linger for several days. Add to this the negative psychological effect it has on most Arizona residents, and you have a serious pest issue. They are light in color and three inches in length, considerably smaller than their relative, the desert hairy scorpion. With an exoskeleton that prevents the loss of moisture, and the ability to go a year without food or water, this arachnid is well suited for the desert environment. This insect can live in the attic of a house for years at a time if it receives an even sporadic supply of crickets, cockroaches, or other bugs. Also worth noting, the bark scorpion is one of the only scorpions known to congregate in large numbers. This can lead to, in some instances, a homeowner seeing dozens of them within a matter of months.

There is no overnight solution to controlling this pest. Due to its resilient nature, extreme temperatures seem to have no effect on it, and store bought pesticides do not even slow it down. On the part of the homeowner, the only effective method of dealing with scorpions is going out at night and searching for them with a black light, then smashing them; not the most practical or pleasant of solutions. If you plan on doing this on your own, take care you don’t injure yourself. Professional pest control is a necessary step in limiting its food source, as well as applying measures to prevent the entering of scorpions into the home. Only through the consistent use of pest management can the bark scorpion, or any scorpion for that matter, be subdued.

Crickets are a scorpions main source of food.

Scorpions range in size and variations of color. Scary to think that you might not even be able to see one of these little creepers crawling in your shoe. They can fit into the smallest of crevices including electrical sockets.

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