House Crickets

House Crickets

Certified Technicians for Eliminating House Cricket

A constant source of annoyance for just about every homeowner in the Southwest, the house cricket is a prolific and loud companion. It prefers temperatures above 80 degrees and below 95, and can go from egg to adult in a little over 2 months. Because they feed on almost any type of organic matter, crickets will find food within the cleanest of homes. Everything from sawdust, to trash, to paper are fair game when it comes to crickets, and every homeowner obliges. Because of this, management of this pest can be difficult and ongoing. Even if they are eliminated completely from the home, chances are they will come from neighboring fields or properties within a matter of months, and begin breeding again.

Ongoing pest control is an extremely effective tool when it comes to crickets. The certified technicians at Sexton Pest Control know where the insects live and breed, and will treat for them accordingly. You do not need to deal with the nuisance of crickets chirping at two in the morning. The solution is simple, just give us a call

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