Black Widows

Black Widows

Eliminating Black Widows at Your Area

Unmistakable in appearance, with an oversized jet-black abdomen and a bright red hourglass on its underside, the black widow is as beautiful as it is creepy. This is a species of spider native to the desert and is considered beneficial overall. They feed upon crickets, cockroaches, and the like; and will only bite to defend themselves or their egg sac. That being said, their bite is among the most painful in the arachnid kingdom and can be lethal to smaller animals or people with compromised immune systems. Like most insects, they are active between May and October, producing 2-3 egg sacs, containing hundreds of eggs each, in this time. Having the appearance of cotton candy, their webs are thick, sticky, and irregular in shape. Very rarely, this spider will appear indoors. It is most likely to found outside; in dark, secluded, and lower lying corners. This includes storage sheds, pool supply boxes, side gates, and various yard clutter. When small children or pets are active in these areas, you the homeowner have a legitimate source of concern.

Sexton Pest Control provides monthly to bi-monthly services that address the specific areas where black widows nest, in addition to knocking out their food supply. This means that the black widow is less likely to appear on your property, and if by chance it does, it will be taken care of soon after.

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