Bee Removal in Arizona

Bee Removal in Arizona

Bee Removal Experts in Phoenix, AZ

Since the 1960s, the best Phoenix bee removal company has been Sexton Pest Control. We have been offering services for removing things such as honey bees, persistent bed bugs, rats and mice, and even scorpions. Our personnel are all trained professionals, who use only the latest and safest methods for clearing out infestations. Our company has experience in dealing with all sorts of things, including the Africanized honey bee, one of the most dangerous insects to live near and one that is a well-oiled machine if riled. While most of the time, it is fine to leave them alone, there are instances when calling a company like Sexton is the only choice – particularly if they start getting into the drywall or interior of a building.


An essential insect, they pollinate our flowers and fruit. Without them our way of life would be very different. But what makes these insects so successful is also what makes them so dangerous. Honey bee colonies work like a well oiled machine. With a clear division of labor and an unwavering dedication to their hive, these are insects to be respected. While out foraging for pollen, they are relatively harmless. If a nest is nearby, however, watch out. Provoked honey bees will attack the face around the eyes, nose, and mouth; attracted to the carbon dioxide that is exhaled. If you happen to be close to an Africanized honey bee hive, the risk of this happening is greatly increased. The presence of a hive should be dealt with sooner than later, as bee hives have a tendency to grow very quickly. If it is located within the home, irreparable damage can be done to the walls and/or ceiling from the honey; possibly necessitating replacement and cleaning of large portions of drywall and interior voids. Bee Removal is your only option some times.

Sexton Pest Control provides a comprehensive bee removal service in Phoenix and Valley Wide. We will eliminate the existing hive and apply products to prevent future infestations. If desired, we can also remove the hive and seal the bees’ entry point(s). Don’t wait another day to take care of your bee problem, give us a call.

Sexton Pest Control offer bee removal service for all of our Phoenix homes and businesses. When dealing with bee removal, you need a company you can rely on for both cost and safety. in Arizona every year the bee removal needs for our Phoenix residents and business owners increase, especially in warmer temperatures.

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