Frequently Asked Questions

To help you understand the pest control services provided by Sexton Pest Control, we have compiled some of the frequently answered questions that we have received. We hope that these will help you with any questions that you may have. If they don’t, please feel free to give us a call at (602) 942-36523 and one of our courteous employees will be more than glad to help you.

What Pest Control Products Do You Use?

At Sexton Pest Control, we pride ourselves in using only the best products in the industry for all your pest control needs. We select all our material carefully and provide quality service using the best. Here are some of the most reliable materials we use to keep your home protected from termites, pests, weeds and more.

Explanation of Other Pest Control Products We Use:

  • Indoor Pest Prevention for a variety of pests
  • Granules – these are water activated to treat lawns and other outside vegetative areas for a variety of pests
  • Herbicide is used to prevent and treat weeds
  • We use professional materials to target over 30 different pests
  • Use of the industry’s leading materials for prevention and treatment of a variety of pests
What if I am out of town and need to schedule an appointment?

Our technicians as well as our pest control scheduling staff call our customers prior to their routine service. If you are a new customer, you can contact our office at 602-942-3653 to speak with a customer service representative. You can schedule new or existing service through our Request For Service form.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Our technicians as well as our pest control scheduling staff call our customers prior to their routine service. If you are a new customer, you can contact our office at 602-942-3653 to speak with a customer service representative. You can schedule new or existing service through our Request For Service form or reach us with any pest control questions through the Contact Us form.

Do I need to stay home all day and wait for service?

Appointments are available throughout the day. Typically, a 15-minute leeway window is applied between appointments allowing for traffic and any other unforeseen problems.

Are there any discounts?

Customers who have a current termite warranty receive service at a discounted price. Additionally, should you choose to prepay for an entire year of service, we will discount 5% from that annual price. You may also qualify for additional services at no charge for recommending a friend, family member or neighbor after they have received a minimum of three services.

What insects does the general pest service cover?

Spiders, crickets, ants, roaches, silverfish are generally covered under routine general pest control service. Fleas, ticks, scorpions and flying insects require different and often difficult treatment strategies and thus are charged accordingly.

How may I pay for service?

Payments may be made several different ways. You can pay with cash or check at time of service, prepay for a time period or we can bill you. We also accept most major credit cards if the total due is greater than $100.00.

How much does pest control service cost?

Because each home is unique in it’s pest control needs, please call so we can give you an accurate estimate.

Is there a price difference between interior and exterior service?

The price is not increased for interior treatment. The primary cost for General Pest Control is in the exterior treatment. The interior service is treated on a complimentary basis.

When you come to service my home, where will you treat?

First and foremost, our technician will inspect your property and advise you of their findings as well as a strategic plan for managing the problem bugs. From that point, the technician will make pesticide applications to the insects hiding places as well as placing a chemical barrier around your home. This usually includes treating the eaves, bases of windows and all entryways into the home. The interior treatment (if you choose this portion of the service) typically includes treating at the doorways, windows, under cabinets and other areas that insects can hide.

How often should I have service?

Everybody has a different threshold of acceptance for bugs. Some people feel that seeing a single insect (dead or alive) between services is too much. While on the other hand, some folks feel that a few insects between services are acceptable. Sexton Pest Control offers several different service programs to suit your particular needs.

I keep a clean house. Why do I still have bugs?

Typically insects will come inside when outside conditions make it uncomfortable for them or they are simply looking for food and moisture. You have won half the battle with bugs if you keep a clean house and the exterior grounds do not offer the insect much in the way of harborage. The next part is to seal your home in a manner that excludes insects from the interior. Sealing plumbing fixtures inside and outside and adding weather stripping to doors will make a world of difference.

Do I have to leave my house during a service?

Usually not However, during certain types of services such as fogging and flea and tick treatments, it’s better if all occupants leave the home for a period of time. Please consult our helpful and knowledgeable staff for specifications.

What should I look for in choosing a termite and pest control company?

There are a number of factors that may differentiate pest control companies from one another. Following are some general guidelines for choosing a pest control company:

  • Look for a reputable company with representatives knowledgeable about pest and/or termite habits, types of construction, treatment specifications and state regulations.
  • Ask friends and associates to recommend companies they have used.
  • Look for memberships in industry associations such as the Arizona Pest Management Association (APMA) or the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) that provide ethical guidelines and technical information.
  • Find out if continued coverage is offered that includes treatment for re-infestation and repairs for future damage and ask if it is renewable.

Be certain the company is licensed by your state’s regulatory agency.

Why do I need a pest control professional?

The pest management professional relies on pesticide application as just one part of a total pest management program. The untrained consumer, who purchases a pesticide over-the-counter, can only make an intuitive judgment on how to properly apply the pesticide. However, the professional pest management technician relies on training, expertise and more sophisticated techniques to manage pests in an environmentally friendly manner.