Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can live (and thrive) anywhere humans live. From the fanciest hotels, to small apartments, to your home.

Bed Bugs are extremely difficult to control. To completely get rid of bed bugs, you need a complete understanding of how to identify, treat, and prevent an infestation.

The best way to defend against bed bugs (and bed bug bites) is to educate yourself and the other people in your home.

We’ll answer some of our most frequently asked bed bug questions.


Bed bugs feed on blood and particularly like human blood. Adult bed bugs don’t have wings and look like an apple seed in size, shape, and color.

Bed bugs look for wherever humans sleep. That’s because they mostly feed at night. Once they find a suitable building they can reproduce rapidly.

Their primary food source is human blood but unlike other parasitic bugs like ticks, they do not stay attached to their blood source.  They eat, and then go back to their home and hide/live and grow.


The good news is you cannot just “get” Bed Bugs.  Bed Bugs are brought into your home.  One of the first clues that you may have brought bed bugs into your home is in your luggage after a trip or a used piece of furniture bought at a garage sale.

Typically, you will discover you have Bed Bugs after you wake from sleep finding yourself itching with unexplainable bites on your body. The more challenging scenario is that the homeowner may not react to the bed bites at all, which will allow the Bed Bug infestation to grow larger.

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