Mouse Control Services in Arizona

Mouse Control Services in Arizona

Rodent Control Services

Sexton Pest Control is the best rodent control Phoenix Company available. Whether it is the highly successful house mouse, the fearsome bark scorpion, or the super-persistent bed bug, Sexton has the tools to handle it. Sexton has been cleaning out bugs and pests of all sorts since the 1960s, so you know you’re getting decades of experience in the industry and expertise in all sorts of methods. Whether its bait or pesticides, you can rest assured Sexton uses materials that are effective but also safe. Schedule an appointment, so Sexton’s personnel can impress you with how quickly and how completely they can purge your pest problem, down to the last fire ant.


The house mouse is the most successful mammal on Earth. With the aid of humans, they have spread to every continent, including Antarctica. What sets this rodent apart from others is its ability to adapt to most all environments, incredibly quick breeding cycle, and its palette for just about any organic substance. Two mice can become hundreds within a year when left unchecked, and they have the ability to contaminate all the food in a given area in a matter of weeks. Because of their small size, (they can fit through an opening the size of a nickel) they can travel anywhere within a structure. This includes the attic, walls, underneath foundations, within furniture, etc. They can be heard at night faintly rustling in the walls or running across tile floors. One thing to also note is that they will only travel a maximum of 30 feet from their nest to collect food, and prefer to travel much shorter distances when possible. This being the case, if you hear movement within the walls in different parts of the property, you probably have multiple mice.

This rodent lives almost entirely on the food and water provided by the homeowner. A major first step in control is limiting their food source, but because there is such a wide variety of things they can eat, this may not be enough. In order to prevent a major problem from developing quickly, prompt response to mice activity is essential. Sexton Pest Control implements a number of different techniques in trapping mice, depending on the unique characteristics of each situation.

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