Pigeon Control Services in Phoenix Arizona

Pigeon Control Services in Phoenix Arizona

Providing Full Bird Exclusion Services – Pigeon Control

Originally introduced from Europe a couple hundred years ago, pigeons have found the modern American city an ideal place to roost and raise their young. They prefer to make their nests on sturdy surfaces, such as buildings, as opposed to in trees. In addition to this, they have a homing instinct.

This means that no matter how many times their nests are removed, or they are scared off the property, they will return. In ideal conditions, the pigeon will raise 15-20 chicks in just one year, and continue to do so over their four year life span. Combine this with the unpleasant fact that a pigeon “leaves behind” 25% of their body weight on a daily basis. Multiply this by the number of birds and days they are on your property, and you get a clear picture of how bad things can get.

If you live in an area with pigeon activity, your only hope of preventing them from choosing your home to raise a family is to have your house bird-proofed. Sexton Pest Control provides full bird exclusion services. We can completely seal off all areas where pigeons are nesting or may nest, and keep birds from perching on the roofs and ledges. Don’t wait until pigeons damage your roof and make a mess.

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